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"The only true source of knowledge is experience"
- Albert Einstein

Every single day in the life of an entrepreneur presents an entirely different set of both opportunities and challenges to the potential success of their businesses. Those opportunities and challenges need to be met head on to ensure that your business grows and succeeds going forward, but what if you don’t have all of the answers?. What if something arises that is beyond your level of experience?

That is when a business mentor is an important asset for every business. Having someone with sound business experience to call on when challenges arise can be the difference between make or break for some businesses.

Even the great business leaders of our age: Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg & Bill Gates who are all billionaires now, they each had business mentors to guide them through the stormy waters in the early days of their business careers.

We all know that running your own business is no cakewalk, but, if you're willing to put in the time and effort to build something you care about, you can create a very rewarding career. Whether being in business is something you've been dreaming about for years or is a notion you've only just begun to entertain, making sure that you have the support of an experienced business mentor is critically important.


I provide a unique service to small business owners and new start-up and aspiring entrepreneurs. You can benefit from my 40 years successful experience in business. Without any long term commitment or contract, you will have your very own business mentor/advisor "On Call" when the need arises.

I have worked with companies large and small, business groups, chambers of commerce and even embassies and consulates. From oily workshops to oak panelled boardrooms, I have advised and supported businesses of every size and across a swathe of industries and services. And I can help you too!

As Albert Einstein said "The true source of knowledge is experience", and by engaging me as your business mentor you will have 40 years of successful business experience at your disposal.

Together we will solidify your business plan, develop your sales and marketing strategies, and ensure that the financial aspects of your business are in good order. You will have the ear of someone who is actually listening to your business problems and who wants to help you find the solutions.

For full details of how the business mentoring service works and the costs involved
(you will be pleasantly surprised), just drop me a “no commitment” contact message
by clicking on the link below today and I will be in touch directly and we can set up a

Free Initial Zoom Meeting.


Michael Sloyan
Your remote business mentor
and advisor

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